Jessica Fae (jessica_fae) wrote,
Jessica Fae

New Year's Eve

So, last night was New Year's Eve, and I had a descent time sitting around talking and drinking with Will.

Will is, by any measure you wish to use, an excellent cook. And so, he decided to use his tallents to provide a culinary delight for the evening. He fixed this exquisit roast that was sliced very thin and just melted in your mouth. The au jus that he had for it was very sweet with a nice tangy after bite that crept up on you. It was served with a delicious pasta salad and vegetable medly.

Even though we had Chase, it was still a good evening, with only a few stops to be parents.

(Disclaimer: No, we were not irresponsible and got shit faced with children in the house. There was, at all times, a sober adult around. I didn't drink enough to get drunk.)
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