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Ambassador of the Classroom?

So, there are days that you feel like you've done a lot, and then there are days where you feel like you have done nothing at all. While most of my time spent in Augusta unquestionably falls into the category of the latter, today would have to fall into the former. I just finished a one hour telephone interview with an education counselor at Colorado Technical University. It was quite an intense interview, with deeply personal questions.

Now, the way this process works at Colorado Technical University is that you talk with an education counselor who will decide if they like you or not. You fill out your application paperwork. The paperwork and a memo from the counselor saying if they recommend you or not goes before the admissions board and then they either accept or deny you.

Jamie, my counselor, actually used the phrase, "Joel, you aren't supposed to make me cry during this question!" Then, after informing me that he was going to recommend me for acceptance he sent me to his Admissions Director for a short conversation before the records are all sent to the board. The Admissions Director told me, "I think you'll be an ambassador in the classroom."

Now, the point of all that is that I think my interview went well. I should find out tomorrow if I'm accepted and then I'm good to go!
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