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The Great RPG Debate

So, I have been thinking a lot lately about the various RPG's that I have played over the years, and the systems that they used. I have, for some time now, been espousing the new d20 System as the greatest RPG system ever. Well, recently I've been re-evaluating those thoughts. What place do levels and hit points have in a game? Can other systems be used to replace them? Should a character be class focused or skill focused?

All of these are important questions that a person asks themselves when they are looking to start a new game. In fact, these questions are more important than we realize, as our answers to them will directly affect how well we enjoy the game.

This debate has raged for many years, with Power Gamers and Munchkins trapped in mortal combat for the honor of their chosen style. It is a debate that every gamer has, at some point, been involved in. So it is that I put to all of the many and varied gamers out there, what is your stance? What are your vital opinions on these most sacred of issues?

As you read these questions, don't just click an option and hit submit, no. Stop and think about the question being asked. Think about your answer, and the reason that you feel that way. I would love to see what people think, and the reasons they vote the way they do. So please, after you have voted, feel free to comment with your supporting arguments.

The poll focuses on the two powerhouses mainly, Wizards of the Coast's d20 based D&D, and White Wolf's d10 based World of Darkness. These are by no means the only systems out there, but they are the primary players in this market. Please, if you have a system you like and think deserves mentioning in this debate, comment and let it be heard!

Poll #946178 The Great RPG Debate

Which RPG system is the best?

d20 System "D&D 3.5".
d10 System, White Wolf's World of Darkness.
Other (comment).

Which genre is the best?

Medieval fantasy.
Modern fantasy/horror.
Other (comment).

What is the most important aspect of a good game?

Other (comment).
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