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Totally unexpected....

So, today I get up and go to school just like any other day. Though today I had a test, so I was a bit nervous. It was a semester test winch is akin to mid terms in regular schools, so they are very important and comprehensive of the entire course to this point. I took the first two tests and went to lunch. That was the instruction, finish your test, go to lunch and come back at 1:30. Well, as usual, nothing happens like it's supposed to and right after I left for lunch they decided to change things. So, I was 30 minutes late after lunch.

Well, it's nothing new but it still ticks me off every time it happens. They've been doing this for years, you would think they would know how to do it by now right? Well, I was ushered in to take my speaking test. In all the confusion I hear the words, "Congratulations on your reading test." I turned to Mary, my teacher, with a dumbfound look on my face. It turns out that they have already graded the tests and given the grades back. This normally takes like 3 days, so I was quite shocked. Adding to the shock value was the fact that I got a perfect score! That's a first for me on any DLI test.

Ok, so now it's time to be non-sequitur. For those of you who do not know, DLI stands for the Defense Language Institute. It is a military school for the teaching of languages. (As if you couldn't figure that one out.) The only way to fully describe the DLI language experience is that you take 5 years worth of college language classes and shrink them down into an insanely short period of time, based on the difficulty of the language. For example, I came here in '95 for 6 months of Spanish, and then again in '98 for 3 more months of Spanish. I have enough college credit to equate to 10 years worth of language study and am only the basic classes (math, English etc..) from an associates degree in Spanish Culture and Language. I've been studying Arabic for a year now, and have about 5 months left. It's an intense thing. So, now you have a reference as to why it's such a big deal I got 100% on a test here.

So, now it's time to start my speaking test. I start off great! "Which topic do you want to do, 1 or 2?" "Well, I guess we do the warm up first." "That's not what I asked but if that's what you want to do ok." "Uh.. Oh. I'm sorry, I'm lost." "You're what? Lost?" "Yes, my mind just isn't here." "well then I'll wait for you to return." "uh.. Ok. Well, let's just start with the beginning, I was born in ...."

Now, the good thing for me was that the entire exchange was in Arabic, so I got credit for it on the test. :) I managed to pull the test out though, and did very well on it. Probably my best speaking test yet. Now, after the speaking test I found out why they rescheduled things, we had a special guest. Who? Well, that's the cool part. Craig T. Nelson, the star of "Coach" and "The District". He was in town for the AT&T Pro Am and wanted to come by to say hi to the military guys and tell them how much he appreciated their work. He is a really cool guy, and very funny. He alluded to one of the poor young airmen that he might have not only known his mother but dated her in college. (This steeming from the mandatory, "Is anyone from my hometown?" question) It was not a long visit, but we were short on time. Though it was still very very cool.

I thought it was just absolutely cool that he took the time to do that. So whatever you may think, we in the military do appreciate the complements and recognition that you throw our way. So, thanks. :)

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