Jessica Fae (jessica_fae) wrote,
Jessica Fae

Why I Love My Nissan Dealership Service Department

I took my car to the dealership today because my brakes were making loud squeeling noises. (If you ask my wife, she'll tell you that she has been hounding me for close to a month, month and a half to do so, but scheduling is never easy it these days)

So, the visit was simple, if a little extended, and went something like this.

Take the car in.
Service: "What are we doing for you today?"

Me: "I wanted to have my brakes inspected because they are making squeeling noises."

Service: "We can handle that."

I give them my keys and go sit inside and enjoy the free wifi as I surf the net and check up on news stories. I am a little disappointed that they use a firewall that blocks social networking sites, so no LJ for me. Service guy comes in to give me an update.

Service: "Was the noise coming from the brakes or the pedal?"

Me: "The brakes."

Service: "Okay. They are working on the rotors and pads right now, I'll let you know what else comes up."

I enjoy some more free internet before he comes back and says I'm set to go.

Service: "Okay, your rotors were glazed, that's why they were squealing. We took care of those, cleaned them up and your pads, that shouldn't happen anymore. The reason I asked about the pedal is because the technician said he noticed a little squeaking coming from it. We went ahead and replaced the brake switch to take care of that. Sign here and you are all set."

The receipt is for $0 and list that they fixed the brakes, replaced a break switch, and performed not a brake inspection, but a full car inspection and made sure my tires were propperly presurized and not worn.

Not one time in this whole trip did I have to expressely say that I was not going to pay for anything, and not once did they ever expect me to pay anything. They simply expected that I have a new Nissan and so it should be new, and everything should work correctly. They, in a word, cared. I was treated the same as anybody else who was paying for repairs, and wasn't fed any lines. They never tried to get out of anything, or claim I was mistaken. They didn't do anything but take care of my car to the best of their ability and make certain I was satisfied. That is why I love my Nissan servicedepartment.

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