Jessica Fae (jessica_fae) wrote,
Jessica Fae

Conversations With The Sage

So today I took Sage to soccer practice and one of those simply Sage moments occured. She was running ahead and stopped at a light pole to wait for me. So she leans back against it, rests one foot on the pole and puts a hand on her hip and sips her water. It was so adorable that I made her let me take a photograph. The sun was in her eyes so what I ended up doing was telling her to close her eyes while I framed, and then open them when I was ready to snap. The image came out great, but she seemed to think it wasn't going to, and didn't like the preview.

Sage: "The sun was in my eyes."

Me: "That's okay."

Sage: "Yeah, you'll probably have to fix it in the computer because my eyes were all squinty. Maybe have to take some eyes from another picture."

So, my only question is since when do seven year olds understand the concepts of digital photography and Photoshop's role in it? When I was seven all I knew about photography was you point the camera that didn't do anything for you at a person and press the button and you laugh at your insanely blurry person.


So, after showing Sage this corrected version of the photo (I managed to lighten up the dark circles under her eyes some, but I'm not a photoshop master) she says, "It's better, but I still want you to take some eyes from another photo. Pop-pop can do that."

The girl is very particular about her photographs.

Second Edit:

I realized that the color profile was messed up so the linked image was a far cry from what it was supposed to be. That has been fixed.
Tags: photography, sage

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