Jessica Fae (jessica_fae) wrote,
Jessica Fae

Some People's Cell Phones

Crazy Cell Phone Lady: "And see those words are on the first page of the ... you know so.. yeah those are the words. machette and all those. yeah. those words. right. right. so... there's no way. She, you know she needs to read that story. okay. and try to just compare... you know. staying on top of her. yeah. right. well see what had happ ... what I know is some of the kids will try to do the vocabulary without having read any of the story. that's what I see happening. right. a lot of kids may be able to get by with doing that vocabulary without having read the story but the test is more comprehensive... what time is it... I'm sorry you need to go... well... I'm getting ready to go into my session but... uhm... no I didn't get it. did you want me to do.. you didn't try to get my ... whatever you decide seems fine. right... okay... "

So, the ... is when the other person was talking. If you are talking that loud on your cell phone, I certainly hope it's not personal.

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