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Decisions, decisions. Or, a bout of indecision brought on by an unexpected purchase.

So, i've been thinking for some time now I would like to learn how to play the violin. No real reason, just that I'd like to. Well, as any of you who read arie's journal knows, recently we picked up Guitar Hero III. Now, the thing is, I think everyone should learn to play a musical instrument as part of the whole, being a well rounded person concept. I did, for a little bit, play trombone when I was a kid, but failure to practice and lack of desire to play the instrument itself (they aren't so great) lead to my not really getting anywhere with it. I have always regretted that. Guitar Hero got me thinking a lot about the idea though, that I need to learn to play something, anything. I love the stringed instruments, so I have decided to create a little poll to ask the world of LJ what they would suggest for stringed instruments worthy of a guy who is 31 years old and regretting he never really learned to play an instrument.

Poll #1288328 Which Instrument?

Which stringed instrument should a guy learn to play?

Violin, it's sophisticated and classy.
Acoustic Guitar, keep the music pure!
Electric Guitar! Dude! You have to have the jams man!
Bass Guitar. Anyone can make music with six or more strings, only a real man can jam with only 4!
Other. See my comment for the real deal!
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