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Decisions. And I need a new music icon.

So, I’ve come to the decision that I will be picking up an electric guitar. You may have seen my poll, and to all of you who took the time to post your responses to it, thanks!

The big reason that I decided to pick up an instrument is two fold. I believe that everyone should know how to play something, and so I’ve always wanted to learn. I never really did forgive myself for not doing so when I was younger, and it occurred to me that there is absolutely no reason in the world why I can’t fix that now. In fact, now is the time to do so, not later. Why wait until I am too old to do so and just end up regretting that I never took the time to do it?

So, if I am not going to put things off that I want to do just because I haven’t done them yet, then I needed to start deciding on what to get. Violin ultimately lost out because, even though I love violin music, it would not be something that I actually put the time into learning. It’s not the kind of music I listen to a lot (I’m a metal head, to be honest), it would have to be practiced during the later parts of the day due to the noise, and it’s really just something I thought would be neat. So that leaves the guitar options. Acoustic is out, despite everyone’s seeming insistence that it must be learned before electric. The big reason is that I just don’t like the sound of a straight up acoustic guitar. I like a little bit of edge in the guitar that can only be created by using an amplifier. On top of that, it suffers from the same practice time restrictions as the violin because of noise. Which leaves the electrics. Bass, well, not my thing. I have a cousin who plays though, and he loves it. He just got a brand new one in fact, and I forgot to ask him what kind (I’m a jerk). So, electric guitar is great for a metal head and the amp can be head phoned to allow me to play at night, on my off nights, while everyone is asleep. That’s honestly when I’d be able to practice.

All of that to basically say that now I’m looking to shop for a guitar in the future.

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