Jessica Fae (jessica_fae) wrote,
Jessica Fae

Sage and Cleaning.

Okay, so this is Sage posing for us all before she goes about doing her vacuuming chores. I didn't ask her too, she just did. :) It was all very cute. now, the fun comes when she actually goes to use the vacuum. See behind the cut for a quick look at what occurred.

When she hit the button, breaker tripped and she was left standing in the dark! Not a bad shot for taken in complete darkness.
So I took her to the breaker box and had her look up her room (Master bedroom, she needs more room to play.)
Her number was 13, so she had to find that breaker and flip it off and on.
And yay! Her lights were back on.
Any bets that next time she just leaves the power out?

Just thought I would share both pictures and a funny Sage story!

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