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Why I hate incompetent help desk workers.

You should be warned that what follows is a rant.


Okay, so I work for a help desk, I know and understand exactly how this process works. I also know that all it takes is a little bit of common sense to read what a user says and look up their issue in your little database. I'm not asking a complex question, or so I thought.

Here is my original (okay second as my original was deleted without being read) help request:

"This is the second time I am submitting this question because my support request has vanished from the "My Questions" section of this site and I have received no emails at all about my issue. A few days ago I purchased the Sims 3 from Direct2Drive. I downloaded and installed the game, and registered online with both EA and The Sims 3 Community website. I logged into the store and received my free 1000 points, and even spent 100 of those points, though did not immediately download my purchased hairstyle due to being on an air card and not desiring to use the bandwidth.

After having logged out and getting back home to my normal connection, I find myself stuck in a login/registration loop. I put in my login information and it redirects me to the registration page to create a store account. I fill out the form again, using the exact same information as before, and it tells me that I already have an account, and to please login with my EA details. So I login with that information and it send me right back to the registration page. I am really interested in getting into the Sims 3 community sites but am currently unable to do so, and hope that someone will contact me regarding this issue promptly."

Now, in the response I received I was basically told that a firewall was preventing me from registering with the site, and that I needed to take steps needed to resolve this, and perhaps connect directly to my modem and not use my router. Also, in regards to my free sim points, once I am able to connect I can register and click the big orange "Redeem" button on the page.



Right, okay, last time I checked a failed connection returns a 404, unable to locate host, error, not a redirection to another site, complete with server generated form content. Also, if I'm having a connection issue then how the hell did I go to your website to submit the help request in the first place? And while I'm at it, what part of, "I logged into the store and received my free 1000 points, and even spent 100..." do you not understand? Did you even read my fucking request? Seriously? Come on, how stupid do you have to be?!

Their response (minus the unimportant trouble shooting steps):


Thank you for taking the time to contact Electronic Arts.

I apologize for this inconvenience that you have endured. However, The issue you are facing looks to be a connectivity issue. Here are some general trouble shooting tips that can help you resolve the issue you are facing.

First, ensure that all firewall or internet security programs are properly configured for the game. You will want to configure them by adding the game to their allowed or exceptions lists. Disabling them usually does not work as they tend to have passive protection even when turned off, possibly blocking connections for certain applications only. If you need assistance with this, please contact the manufacturer of the firewall program.

Hardware firewalls can also cause this issue, to resolve this you can try connecting your computer directly to your modem, skipping any router you may have.

Try cycling the Power on your modem. [...]

If you have Windows XP, there is a built in Firewall that you will want to disable. Please follow these steps to do so:


Regarding the Simpoints: To redeem your free SimPoints, follow the steps below:

We appreciate theopportunity to assist you and look forward to getting youback in the game! So, if there is anything further that wecan do for you, please don’t hesitate in contacting us. Tofind more solutions for your Sims titles, visit


EA Rep Sophie
Player Relations

I don't mind the fact that you have a script, but gods, please, take the moment to find where you're supposed to be in that damned script before you waste my time.


I now return you to your regularly scheduled reading.
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