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In today's world, I tend to try and stay as far out of politics and religion as possible when in a public forum. Recently, I came across a news article that talked about a Quran burning at a US Military base in Afghanistan. I thought it was an odd thing, so read the article. What really happened is that several copies of the Quran got left in a burn pile with other garbage, and were found by local nationals helping out. No one was trying to disrespect anything. I am willing to bet there were other books there, possibly even a few bibles.

What bothers me is that they are so incensed about the unintentional burning of a book that they would kill someone. And then, we are all expected to condemn the person who accidentally burned the book. What happens if we reversed this situation. Let's say that someone burned the American flag in protest and so we went and started killing people for it?

This is why it bothers me. The religion is called Islam, which literally means "The Peace," and here you want to kill? The commandments of Allah state you aren't to kill. The world needs to learn that you cannot condemn someone for not belonging to your group and to have everyone held to the same standard. And for the sake of all the gods in existence, do not condemn a man for an accidental insult and not say a damned thing about the insulted party trying to kill someone over a book.

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