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Military Efficiency.

Can you say oxymoron? Yes, alas I had the joy of an army dental appointment today. My day began when I showed up 10 minutes prior to my appointment and spent 3 minutes checking in. I then proceeded to room D12 and dropped my chart into the box as instructed. I waited for about 15 minutes and was then told to report to room d22 to get X-rays.

So here we find ourselves at room D22, waiting to get our X-rays. After 10 minutes they finally called me in and spent 2 minutes taking the pictures. Yes 2, I counted. "Ok, you can go back to room D12 now." Sigh, I truck back down the hall and drop my records in the box, yet again. Ten minutes later a woman comes and takes my record and asks me to come with her. I then spent 10 minutes waiting outside room D5.

Finally they take me into a room and sit me in a chair. Of course it's 10 more minutes before the doctor comes in and spends 5 minutes poking around in my mouth. What did he have to say? "Have them schedule you two appointments." That's it, nothing more. So I go wait for another 20 minutes for a guy to write my name in a book and send me on my way.

So that's 95 minutes for a grand total of 7 minutes of actual work. Hmn.. Only in the Army. I mean, come on, in the air force we wouldn't take more than an hour to do 7 minutes worth of work.

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