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I hate politics.

I haven't made a detailed entry in a long time. I did post about the brownies today, and you know what? That's about all that's happened new in my life with the exception of the new style I'm working on. Of course unless you are reading this on a friends page you already knew about that. I wanted a change. I like this style, maybe it will last for a while. Eventually it will change, they always do.

Well, what next, the subject of the post, yes. Politics. I hate them because they are stupid games that have no bearing on the reality of a situation. It's like taking lying and scheming and sucking all the fun out of it. Ok, so, I am supposed to move out of my current building so it can be renovated. This has been planed for more than a freaking year! You would think that the Air Force, knowing this, would have made pre-arrangements for the eventual move right? Well no! There is one more business day before I have to turn in my room key and I don't know where I'm living yet. So now my extended 3 day weekend is going to be eaten up by trying to move all my stuff and get my phone transferred over. Now, let's think about that a second. Transfer my phone lines (I have 2) to a room that I don't even know where it is yet. Now, of course I'm not using a normal phone company who can change it over in a matter of a few button presses and what not, allowing for me to call and within an hour have them turned on in the new room, any day of the week. No, I have this silly phone service run by the military and the office is only open on weekdays and take 2-3 business days to do anything. Now, it is possible that they can do this in one day. I know it is. I've seen it done, by them even. It's just rare. In other words, it's a serious possibility that I have to spend the weekend without my phone! No internet!

All of this because of politics. The chief didn't want to have to put us in a room, he wanted to force the army to do it. Now, he lost the battle and had to anyway. Thank god I'm the highest ranking AF person in these dorms or I might be stuck in the building where I wouldn't have my own bathroom! Public restrooms and gym style showers! I think not, I already did my time in that life and I earned my relief from it. Of course, politics are more important than the lives of the little people that they are supposed to be protecting.

But hey, I got brownies today. So everything is good. Thanks again Manije.


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