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Oh what a day...

Well, as I've made known, I'm being forced to move from my current dorm room to another one. Well, that glorious job is for this weekend. I have to move my entire life from one place to another in two days just because of bureaucratic bull crap.

This normally isn't a problem though. I can do this. Well, I could, if my friends would help me out right? Well, let's start with Doc. Doc isn't even pretending to care or want to help. He's supposed to be visiting his family for Easter. Oh hey, did I fail to mention that they made me do this on a holiday weekend? They did. Go figure. Ok, so no Doc. No big deal, I got Mike. Well, Mike flakes out on Friday after class and so I'm alone then. He did help today but was being lazy as all hell. Stopping every time I turn around to have a cigarette, which puts us at a complete stop because he's not getting in my car with a cigarette! And he moves so slow that it's not even funny. Plus he didn't help lifting anything heavy at all really. He did a bit, but not much. Now, I realize he did wreck his motorcycle Thursday night, but he didn't do anything but bruise himself. It's one good thing about buying all the safety equipment. And it's not like he was going more than 15 maybe 20 miles an hour, and that's stretching it.

Now, that brings us to Nathan. Nathan was a god send. He took time out of his busy day with exactly 13 hours notice and came to offer me his truck to help move my big stuff. He was almost late for an important engagement because of how slow Mike was being, but he didn't once complain. He came over and we moved all of the stuff I needed the truck for. He was a good help. That was the one good thing that happened today. That's why I bought him a book and dinner, even though he told me I didn't have to do anything for his help.

That said, I think it's important to note that I have a serious space issue here. I went out to by a new bookshelf. It's a tall one, with 5 shelves. it's to replace my short two shelf one that is a lot wider and so takes up way to much space. Now, on to size comparison.

Ok, first off let me say that only the outside walls of the rooms are to scale. The boxes representing stuff inside them is not. I'm going to start with the old room and list what all the boxes are for. Starting from the left and working right.

The big box in the top right is a bed. Under that bed is a three drawer dresser and a small two drawer chest. The next square box is a wall locker. the next one is a small refrigerator that sits beside the door. The room off to the right is a bathroom. The long skinny box that is against the wall separating the bathroom is my old bookshelf. Next, the box on the top left of the lower square of the room is a desk, and the one right of it is yet another desk. The long box next to the wall is my bed, with another 3 drawer dresser under it.. Below the desk on the left there is another 2 drawer chest, ad below that a wall locker. The long box on the bottom is my entertainment center.

Now the new room. The two boxes up top are desks, put back to back, they have a space under them that is accessible and one of my two drawer chests is under there (it's actually kind of convenient) .The left wall is a wall locker, with the beds between it and the wall, the beds are stacked on top of each other (bunk beds of course) and have two three drawer chests and one two drawer chest under them, only one three drawer chest accessible. A wall locker is between the bed and the door (making a nice little alcove there for the bed that has just enough room for me to get in and out of the bunk). The right wall has my new bookshelf and my entertainment center on it. Now, you may notice the lack of a bathroom on the new room. That's because there isn't one. There is a "locker room" style bathroom down the hall for me to use. Very un cool.

Anyway, that's the deal. The only cool thing about the new room is the fact that the far wall (top on the picture) is one giant window. But anyway, I've taken enough of your time with my journal, It's a long entry anyway.

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