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On the nature of things.

So, there are times in all our lives that make us stop and think. One of those times is when science crosses the boundry that seperates it from spirituallity. We stop and wonder at just how that is possible. Science is supposed to be set in stone! It's not supposed to be able to do that!

It is our fear of having our spirituality destroyed by science that causes us to think this way. I say we should not worry, for science poses no threat to our spirituallity. For many years people have sought to combine the two fields. Astrology is one such example. Man's inner nature to order things has led him to finding a way of divining the future and personalities based off the alignments of the stars and planets.

All cultures have tales of magic. Of people who can create seemingly impossible feats at whim. How do they do it? The methods varry depending on the culture, but essentially it is an ordered and scientific approach to spirituality. The shaman prays to the spirts and shakes his rattle to a certain beat and dances in a specific way in order to bring rain. While this seems obsurd to the scientist of today and is looked down upon as mere superstition, it was science to the shaman.

So then, can we define magic as simply spiritual science? If so, then why don't more people embrace magic with an open mind? Hmn... I think if they did we would have a much happier world.

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