November 28th, 2001


Depth and meaning, a million hidden shades of grey...

First I want to say that I hate the fact that a little rain nocks the power in this dorm out. Damned power grid.

So, I promised to tell you all what I believed the lyrics to "Welcome Home" meant. Well, more I should say what they mean to me. It's a simple thing really. Today we have so many people that claim to know what is right and best for us. So many people try to run our lives and tell us what to do. All any of us want is to be free, and allowed to make our on choices. Who made the proverbial them (everyone that tries to tell you what you can and can't do) gods to decide what is and isn't right? What we should and should not do. Who made them gods to say that what is in our heart is wrong?

Anyway, I now give you another song to contemplate. I will not invite anyone to post their interpretations of it, as well, no one did last time.

I just re-purchased the first Creed CD. (yes, I went to K-mart during the hour and 45 minute power outage. They have these nifty new checkout lines that you just walk up, scan your stuff, and put your money or card in a slot and it gives you change and a receipt. But I digress.) So I leave you with. "

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