January 10th, 2002


The Language of the Soul... Music.

Ok, so I'm in a music mood and I wanted to listen to a certain CD that I don't have anymore. Why? Because some asshole broke into my car in San Antonio and stole about $2000 worth of cd's out of it and I haven't replaced them all yet. I know what you are thinking, insurance. Well, that's a long story. Anyway, have some lyrics by my favorite band, Metallica. Oh, and any comments about them being sell outs, greedy fu***rs who shut down napster, or no talent hacks can take a number and wait to never be listened to. :) They have excellent music and their songs have meaning and depth. There is a reason so many people like them you know. ;)

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Spirt Animal

Ok, so here is a test, I saw on arie's website and it was definitely my kind of test. So here are some results for you.

My Spirit Animal is the Wolf!

Cycle of Power: Year Round - Full Moons - Twilight

Aspects: Guardianship, Loyalty, Leadership, Ritual and Spirit.

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to discover your spirit animal!

This test made by Celtic_Shamanes

And for any interested, my next closest matches were; Dragon, Cat, Raven, and Elk. In that order.