March 21st, 2002


There are still nice people in the world.

So, I am sitting in class when the second period finally comes to an end. Great! A 15 minute break! I head to the restroom to handle my business and when I come back into class I get this big surprise. Manije "Noor" Irani (a girl in my class, duh.) suddenly produced a pan of brownies with a "6" candle and "Waleed" spelled out in walnuts on them. Why did she do this you ask? Well, tomorrow I am testing for my promotion to E-6 and won't be able to join the class for their all day exercise. So, as a good luck on your test and sorry you can't come to the exercise present she got me brownies!

Why brownies? Well, a couple days ago I mentioned that Turtle Brownies are like my favorite dessert, so she got me Turtle Brownies! Now, she lives in the dorms so has no oven, so she couldn't bake. She walked to the store to find they only had oven bake turtle brownies. So she didn't let this stop her, she bought the stores brownies that they make, a thing of caramel, a thing of walnuts, and a thing of chocolate fudge icing. She then took all of that, along with the "6" candle she bought, and walked home. She then set about making "pseudo-turtle brownies". By putting caramel and walnuts on the brownies and then covering that with the fudge icing. Oh they were quite delicious. Mmm..

I guess my point is, "Thank you for the brownies Manije!"
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I hate politics.

I haven't made a detailed entry in a long time. I did post about the brownies today, and you know what? That's about all that's happened new in my life with the exception of the new style I'm working on. Of course unless you are reading this on a friends page you already knew about that. I wanted a change. I like this style, maybe it will last for a while. Eventually it will change, they always do.

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But hey, I got brownies today. So everything is good. Thanks again Manije.

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