March 29th, 2002


So the disillusionment begins.

"We did all we could. We're sorry, but it's all we have. It isn't our fault, they didn't plan properly." All too familiar, I've heard them all before. What it boils down to is that I am being moved from an already sub-standard room to an even more sub-standard room. The biggest thing I have against this is that I will loose my bathroom. Yes, that's right, loose my bathroom. I'll have to share a bathroom and shower, just like a locker room. HOW UNCOOL! Now, there is a chance, in all fairness, that I'll not be stuck in such a room. But I doubt that. So, if I'm not online this weekend and you are looking for me, then just wait. I'll be on late, cause I'll be moving all day. Enjoy everyone.
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