April 3rd, 2002


I just remembered!

OH! It's just entry day crazy today isn't it? Well, it is time for me to present something to you guys that are reading this, and ask if you think it is as stupid as I do.

Today in class we were handed a news article from BBC online. The headline? French Book: Attack On The Pentagon A Farce!" (be warned the linked article is in Arabic, I couldn't find it in English, sorry.) The attack a farce? What? The article goes on to state, "The book 'Terrible Fabrication', which claims that flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon building on September 11th, has jumped to the top of the best sellers list in France.

Now, the article is kind of short but it explains that the author of this book, one Terry Mason, claims that it was not a plane that hit the Pentagon, but rather a truck that ran into it. He claims that the American government is lying about the attack, for political reasons of course. He uses "photographic evidence" to prove his point, with a before and after picture from a camera that caught the explosion. (I think it must have been a surveillance camera but the article didn't specify that I could tell.) Now, my only question to the pictures is this, "What was the frame rate of the pictures?" Most long-term outdoor surveillance is done on a time-laps basis. A plane traveling at 300+ mph would easily be missed.

So what do you think people? Attack on the Pentagon, fact or fiction?

I finally found the English link for the news story for you guys. Apparently Arabic doesn't do good for French names, the author's name was misquoted and is actually Thierry Meyssan.
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It's only 9?!

Gods I can't believe it's only 9:00! It seems like it should be so much later! What have I done today? Well let's see, I went to class, as always. That was interesting, you see, I was approached by my immediate supervisor with an interesting question. What was it you ask? Well, I'll tell you, "Hey Waleed, is there something going on in your class that I should know about?" My mind races. For those of you not in the military this means that one of my subordinates has just blind-sided me and gone over my head about something. Who? Well, that's an easy question, Aisha.

"No, is there anything specific you are curious about?" I ask.

"Aisha says that you are being unfair to her, making her do extra details for no reason," he says.

"Oh no, I treat her just like I treat everyone else, but she disrespects me continuously. She did get extra details, for failure to follow orders. And then again for disrespect, and insulting me and walking away from me while I was talking to her." I responded with the picture perfect military bearing.

"Oh, well she didnt' tell me the whole story that's why I wanted to talk to you first."

"Of course staff sergeant, if you need anything else just let me know."

Now, I admit that she does get more crap from me than anyone else, but it's always because she brings it upon herself. There is a difference between asking if you have to, and saying "I don't have to do that and you can't make me. I'm not doing it," followed by the rolling the eyes and the talk-to-the-hand pose and walks out. A big difference. Not one other person in that class ever says anything more than, "Do I have to?" if they don't like what I tell them to do. If I say yes, they nod and do it.

I'm still contemplating if I should say something to her about doing an end run and not jumping the chain of command without telling me. You are allowed to do it, but you tell your supervisor you are doing so. Maybe I should bring the whole class together and do the annoying speech thing? What do you think?

Anyway, then I came home and cleaned, finally got everything unpacked, just need to do some rearranging of where things are. Oh, and I finished the first chapter of Blood Omen II. I'm finally in the real game. But what is my best accomplishment for the evening? I wrote my first Perl script. Right now it's simple but it is a start. I learned the intricacies of SSI and with my Perl script I have begun to work on an imbedded style. It will take me a while, as for right now it's a test type thing. I'm using it to learn so that I can do an imbedded style for a friend, once that is done I'll actually do my own imbedded style.

Anyway, I think that is all for now. It's pretty long so I'll end by saying that I HAVE TV AGAIN! Only a few channels on the antenna, but I have FOX so I can watch the Simpsons. :D
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Have I ever told you guys how much I love my computer?

I just spend about an hour playing Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds on my computer here, while carrying on chat sessions and stuff! I love the fact this machine is powerful enough to allow me to play the game, and just alt+tab when a chat window beeps at me and not freak out! Not crash the game! I love my computer. :D
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