April 6th, 2002


Possible attempted bank robbery?

So I was in the store yesterday, and when I went to leave a police officer said, "I'm sorry sir but I am going to have to ask you to stay."

I was startled, but of course I just said, "Of course officer, is there a problem?" He simply said to hang out in the store that nothing was wrong. So, I engage in my usual past time when I want to know what's going on, spying. I carefully positioned myself to listen in to the conversations around me, pretending to browse the magazines (don't you know that's what everyone looking at magazines is doing, just listening to other people) and what did I find out? Something happened in the bank. Hmm.. So I head to the bank and checked it out. Sure enough that's where the police were, questioning all of the bank employees. I know it's a bit anti-climactic, but that's all I was able to find out. I don't know what happened, was it a bank robbery attempt? We may never know.
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