April 18th, 2002



So I'm sitting here reading an RPG book. It's entitled "Armies of the Abyss" and contains a resource of nasty creatures for your heroes to face. I often times find that today's RPG resources are a lot more well written than in the old days. I leave you with an excerpt from the Armageddon Beast entry that made me laugh.

"The appearance of an armageddon beast on a Material world usually results in that world's destruction, and the prophecies of countless religions speak of a great seven-headed, ten-horned beast whose coming will bring about the End Times. ... Each of the creature's four feet bears five ebony talons that cut through stone as if it were flesh. The claws, as it happens, are much better at cutting through actual flesh, a fact commented upon in most of the aforementioned prophecies."

Hehe. I love that.

And now the legal stuff. Excerpt from "Armies of the Abyss" written by Erik Mona, copyright Green Ronin Publishing.
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