December 1st, 2002


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Wow. Let's see. What is new in my life today. A lot really, I got my Christmas bonus. Which for those of you who are asking (as everyone always asks me how much it is) it is $2400. There are some odd dollars and cents, but that's all you need know. So, I had enough money to buy my Christmas presents, as I only shop for a few people. Usually my mom, and one random friend. Yes, one random friend. Occasionally there is the gift exchange for Christmas Eve when I'm at home, but I'm not going to be there this year. So, I went into the store to look for something, what exactly I forgot, but I saw a laptop. It was everything I wanted in a laptop. So, having $1000 extra to just toss on one I caved. I bought it. I actually got a great deal and the cashier "accidentally" gave me $300 off the price. So I'm using it now. I love it. It's great. Yeah me.

I have reached a point in my class where it's time to start planning for my future. I am now looking for an apartment in my new home, Georgia. I graduate on January 13, a Friday if I'm not mistaken. Why is Georgia going to be so great? Well for the first reason it's not Texas. Lol. It'll be far enough from my home that my mom can't just drop by without calling butg not so far away I can't go visit if I want. I've been to Augusta, GA, and it's not that bad, I actually like the area and it's pretty.

I've got things set up to start my first official playtest of my campaign world, but I have lots of work to still do. I have one confirmed, supposedly, total stranger to play in it. I want more people I've never gamed with so I can get a wider range of opinions. Anyone reading this want to do so? Let me know. I was planning on doing it this weekend but I am going to San Antonio supposedly, so it'll be next week. I'm going to try and fill in the spaces with friends who want to play if I don't get new people. *note to self: contct Jonathan at the Game Habbitat about web design and possible contact for game distribution.

I had a pretty blah Thanksgiving. My friend Rich got invited out of town the day before, and I was supposed to go to his house. He said I could come along, but I didn't want to give up my internet access for the weekend to sleep on someone's floor. (Yes, my internet is very important to me. :p) So I stayed here, sat in my hotel room, watched tv, and well, played with the computer.

I think that's about all that is new.. So enjoy.
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