January 1st, 2003



Well, it's the morning of January 1, 2003 (the dtg on the entry most assuradly told you that, so yes, we are being redundant), and it is the new year. The first day of a new problem free year! Eh... well too bad it doesn't work that way in the AF. As far as the AF is concerned 2003 is the PROBLEM FILLED year for me. See the fiscal year started back in October, and that was the sart of the amendment nightmare for me. The nightmare was initially hinged around it being 2003 in fact, and how ironic that it wasn't a problem that it was 2003, it was a problem that they can't read. Yes, they can't read. My orders stated clearly "*********02 *********03" (The astricks are because that's a fund code and well, I am not in the habit of just copying stuff off of official orders onto my live journal for all to see. :p). So I spent almost 3 months without receiving money, that when they realized they couldn't read they had to hand me a check (ok direct deposit a check) for $2,400. Alll of which had to go out to immediatley pay bills that were all late. What I will say is this, I found an appartment, and so far it seems to be perfect. What I am going to do, is everything humanly possible to not let the Air Force screw up that appartment deal. (Shh. Don't tell the government but I have a full proof plan to keep the appartment even if I dont' get my paperwork situated. It involves ramen noodles for about a week, and using their money they owe me anyway. hehe. Best part? Totally legal! You have to love the little loop holes in their system when they are trying to screw you.)

Do I have any New Years Resolutions? Hmn.. Yes, I do. Am I going to put them on here? Probably not. Why not? I don't know, I'm entitled to keep some things out of my journal. Besides, putting them in writing makes them seem like rules, and thus much harder to keep.

Anyway, Happy 2003 everyone.
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PSO on the Game Cube.

My favorite Dreamcast game ported to the Game Cube. Here are some captures of my character. (Yes, his name is Zarchanalin. :p)

Now I know they aren't like super quality or anything, but they are enough for you to see my character. It looks so much better on the TV. (<-- wants 35 inch tv so badly. 20 inches too small. (35 because that's how big my entertainment center will hold :p It's not like I am asking for a 65.. *drool* ) )
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