April 28th, 2003


Sshhhh... be wary wary quiet, I'm huntin wabbits! hahahahaha

Well, maybe not wabbits, really a mouse! I'm sitting at work, I look down and what do I see? A mouse. Running around under my feet and chair. I said to myself, "That's one brave mouse." So I have to catch it, I can't let it run around the work center. So I get up and look around. I grab a big plastic storage bin, and I proceed to pull a looney toons. I set it up propped by a cd case, witha piece of cheese on it. I had no string so I had to sit beside it and be very still, and very quiet. Eventually, the mouse ran under there for the cheese. He got away before I could blink. I learned from the best cartoons though, I was not discouraged. I continued to sit and wait with new bait. Then, he tried again. This time, *WHAM*! One mouse trapped. :) So, I took him and let him go in a field. Air Force 1, mouse 0.
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