July 9th, 2003


Tech Support

So, recently my email stopped working. Like completely randomly.

Problem: Outgouing mail is not getting to the intended recipient went sent through any @nashenassi.org account on my computer.

Symptoms: Mail is sent out of the client just fine, reaching the smtp server and not being bounced back. The email does not reach it's destination. I find out when someone says, "What email?"

Self Troubleshooting steps: Try changing the smtp server from mail.earthlink.net to smtp.earthlink.net (I have a long history of dealing with earthlink email issues.) to no avail. Try deleting the email account out of Outlook Express and recreating it (Yep, you guessed it, long history of dealing with Microsoft) to no avail. Tried creating the account on another computer to ensure it wasn't a problem with my lan (though I already knew the answer) and got nothing. Double checked that all firewalls were either disabled or configured properly, disabled Norton Personal Firewall despite it being configured properly, nothing. Tried to ping the mail server, it pinged fine.

Tech Support call: Try everything you did before, only this time also try a server smtpauth.earthlink.net and use authentication. We got nowhere. Tells me they recently added tougher anti-spam. I suggest maybe it's because my email address in the header is not an earthlink account. All information noted in the computer and a senior tech is scheduled to call my house.

(here is where it gets good)

Senior Tech Support Call: "Hello, are you ready to work on your email? .... Delete the account and recreate it." Now, this time, it worked. I asked him, "What is different today than last night. Why does it work now and not then? WHat do I do when it stops again?" What did he tell me? "I don't know sir, it's random. I don't know anything about the SMTP server." ...... HELLO!!! You are the SENIOR TECH!!!

Grr. Email works for now.
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