August 27th, 2003


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Get to work at about 10:50, and have to stand in the hall for 10 minutes while waiting on the staff meeting to end. Then as 11 rolls around it's time for my STEM meeting. Shortly after everyone gets there the commander strolls in and we all snap to attention. He waves it away and we all have a seat. The commander sits at the head of the table and leans back, sits his coffee mug doen and finishes the last of his danish. Then, after a short pause, "So this blonde gets off work and walks into her appartment and everything is missing. So she freaks out and calls the police. Just so happens that a local k-9 unit was very close buy so responded to the call. When he gets out at her appartment the blond starts freaking out. When asked what was wrong she says, 'I called the police about a robbery and they sent me a blind policeman and a seeing eye dog."

Admitedly his first joke of the day wasn't that funny. In fact we all forgot to laugh, which you should always laugh at the commander's jokes, even when they aren't funny. So that meant the next 15-20 minutes was every one telling jokes. The winning joke was the commanders:

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