August 30th, 2003


Good News.

So I get an email today that tells me my best friend is finally moving back to the states from Japan. What's better is that he'll be stationed less than 5 hours from where I live. :) That rules. I'm hoping he can come down for some of his leave that he gets when moving back to the states. Anyway, that's my short update for this morning. I'll try to write more interesting stuff later.
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Quiz and stuff.

Courtousy of onesteek4you:

Wise One
Wise One

With an intelligence far beyond your earthly years
and an awareness of the unknown to rival the
greatest of astrologers, as a Wise One you're
an extremely gifted and significant spiritual
agent, and have a special mission of teaching
and awareness in your mortal life. In the
spiritual world, you were called out of
retirement due to your impeccable track record
on Earth. You get the job done, and nobody else
does your particular job better. You have eons
of magical power and wisdom in your soul,
though it may lie dormant. Your presence is
magnetic and powerful, and when angered your
eyes become alight with intensity and
conviction. You are truly majestic and
beautiful, the most respected and reverred of
the Earth Angels. Remember, your hopes and
dreams when applied are as good as casting a
spell, whether good or bad. Be cautious of what
you wish for, because it may just come true.
Use that amazing capacity to learn, teach and
work to your advantage, and it will take you
everywhere you want to go.

Which Earth Angel Are You?
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