October 16th, 2003


Short Notice...

So what happens when you fail a weigh-in? You're TDY spot is taken away and given to someone else. This is why I got called at about 10 or so today and told, "You are going TDY tomorrow." Because the needs of the Air Force come first and there is no way that I might need time to gather things up. Nope, it only mattered that Bruce failed his weigh-in, and as such could not go. Why was I picked to go in his place? Because we run a web site and only _2_ people in the shop know how it works, as far as the code base anyway. Yes, that's right, I'm only going so I can "brag about our website". Or at least that's the basics of it.

So where am I going? Las Vegas. That's right, the city of lights and gambling. The city that has it's own t.v. show, and a hotel with a flood light in it that is so bright it can be seen from orbit. So, I gathered up my stuff, did my paperwork, dropped my cat off at Bruce's house (I thought that ironic), and now I'm just waiting for my 8am flight out of Augusta Regional Airport.

My mom is super jealous of the trip because her dream vacation is to go to Vegas. She loves the gambling. As for me, I can take it or leave it, it's not that big of a deal. I prefer to play cards on a small scale with a few friends, but that's not to say I wouldn't enjoy to go to a show or something. The big thing that is going to suck about this TDY is two things. First the schedule, it's in Nevada, which is not on my normal time zone. You get used to a time zone and a schedule, and you work best when you are on that schedule. Now I've got to readjust, and I'll get used to it just about time to come home. Which brings us to suckage factor 2, Halloween. I'm a big halloween fan. I love to go out and do things with friends, to celebrate. It's pretty much my favorite holliday, or close to it if I had one. I'm coming home on the 1st, which means getting ready to leave on the 31st. Which means no Halloween for me this year.

I guess not having a halloween this year isn't that big of a deal really, I've not had a real one at all in ages. Hmn. I should pick another holiday and enjoy it a lot instead of halloween, at the very least it would allow me to get at least some enjoyment out of my favorite holiday, right?

To this end, while getting ready for my TDY I realized that I would be without internet for that 2 weeks. Why you ask? Microsoft. It's all their fault, and I can prove it. They invented windows, and windows now uses software modems instead of hardware modems. These aptly named 'winmodems' only work on Windows (thus the reason they are aptly named). Having converted to Linux, it is very evident that while it says my modem drivers are installed correctly that does not necesarrily mean that it is. So I transmit the dial command to the modem, and it stares at me. It absolutey refuses to respond in anyway. It is lost without windows. And thus I had to choose, two weeks with no internet or go back to windows xp. I chose the latter, as sad as it may be.

Well, I'm going to close for now. I'll leave by saying comment if there's anything you would like from Vegas. Mayb'e I'll be able to get some stuff for people.
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