October 25th, 2003


Red Flag Quotes of the Day

Ok, time for some funny quotes from Red Flag mission debriefings today. I hope you enjoy them. If something doesn't make sense and you need clarrification, or for any explinations really, just leave a comment and I'll clear things up.

Weasle 01: "I am telling you and you, whatever you do, don't fucking get shot down! You're airframes are two expensive!"

RF MC: "It's like trying to shove 100 pounds of shit into a 10 pound bag."

Hunter 01: "I'm flying in with live ordinace with Vipers engaging air-to-air over me, a MiG on my six, an SA-2 spiking me up from the right, and someone calling in an SA-8 launcing on me from the left, and all I can do is sit there and yell into my radio CHAFF CHAFF CHAFF. Doesn't make me good for much of anything except giving my buddies somethign to fucking laugh at."

Sword 01: "You told us we have chaff restrictions above 40 due to winds but we see the weather our there and it's light. Don't talk to us like we're stupid, is it really for wind or is there some other reason?"
RF CC: "Yes, and it's a good one. Its a higher priority than you."
Sword 01: "Ok, that's fine, tell us that, don't tell us it's wind when we know better than that."
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Friends list...

Ok, so my friends list is .. well... in a word... pathetic. I have 13 friends on my list, 10 who I am on their friends list. I'm a member of 3 communities. So that leaves 7. Of these 5 update on at least a semi regular basis. Of those, I have maybe 10 comments posted in the last 2 years.

This last week here in Vegas I've been thinking a lot about things. About what I do on a daily basis as far as entertianing myself. I realize that I am the one to blame that I don't have many comments, or friends, etc. on my live journal. It's my fault because I don't post that often, I don't read my friends' journals that often, and I rarely post comments in my friends' journals. So I have come to one conclusion. THIS MUST STOP!

It's time for a new era so to speak. Time to become Pro-active in my LJ. More posts, more comments, more community wide things. So, if any of you on my friends list that actually read my journal and don't think I'm a total waste of time, please send me some journals you recommend I check out, for people I might not find totally annoying. :)
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