October 27th, 2003


Dry weather.

I hate dry weather. Hot and dry just do not mix. I've had 5 nose bleeds now, and 2 of them were today. I hate this place and cannot wait to get back home to Georgia. Bah!
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Time to be in the holiday spirit.

So I've never really done this, but I am going to this year. It's part of my have a better life campaign. :D So, it's time for a poll of people who want cards.

Poll #197121 Holiday Cards



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What type of card do you want?

Holiday Inspecific

(Why not, all my friends are doing it. ;) )
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Time Change Hillarity.

So I get all ready and go to walk out the door. I feel kind of strange though, something just doesn't seem right. I look at my watch which is on eastern time and wonder if I set it back. I count the hours and it agreees with the desk clock I did set. "Huh? I don't remember resetting my watch." So I grab my cellphone out of my pocket and check it. Sure enough its 12, not 1. "How the hell?" I run over to the desk clock and it says 1. I'm now officially annoyed. I reset the damn desk clock, why is it wrong? It's a cosmic plot to ruin my day that's what it is. Well I won't let them succeed! Screw you cosmic plots!
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