March 26th, 2004


The Chicane of Life

I was for a while there, in about as good a mood as a person in my situation can get. This was a good thing. I was happy and smiling a lot, I liked it.

I had found a great present for arie who's birthday is coming up really soon. (I think you're going to like it Arie, it isn't much though. Everyone else, flood her with birthday stuff. hehe.) I had also gotten through all my crap with my office, or at least most of it anyway.

I was in class, having a good time, I took lunch, went to my office, and told them, "I'm going to have my DLPT on Tuesday, I'll be back to work on Wednesday." They told me, "No, you'll be starting 12 hour shifts on Saturday before your DLPT, the day after your class ends, no days off for you!"

That started the spiral down hill. Today I took my polygraph and the dude has made me think something screwed up on it. :/ Kept asking me if I was sure about things. Grrr.

Though, a good note to add. "Forever Knight" is on DVD! Well season 1 anyway. :) I got it. Yay me.
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