April 20th, 2005


Why I Hate Writer's Block

So, I have all these ideas and things that run around in my head, seaking for an outlet, a way to be actualized.  Creativity caged behind the bars of writer's block. I have started numerous writing projects, and all of them are stalled. I have started tens of code projects, and all of them are stagnant.  My website has been up and down for over... gods two years now.

What causes the ideas to sit there and not come out onto the page? I can't find the key to open the bars that keep those ideas trapped. It's like I can't translate them into english when I try to write it down.  For example, right now I'm working on this reworlking of how spaceships work in my campaign world. (3.5e d20 system)  I have taken an idea from the Farscape RPG and decided to expound on it and make a really flexible system, and the mechanics are amazing. I can see it all in my head. Various stats and ships. I can see the rules in action in my head, I can see the two systems working in conjunction. One a simple system that requires no visual reference, allowing for descriptive storytelling style of play, the second miniatures on a hexboard with flexibility enough to allow for anykind of focus you want in your game. Amazing stuff. Can't write it down to save my life.

It's an odd thing really...
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