May 30th, 2005


"I may look like a dog, but I only play one here on earth."

So, I'm watching "Men In Black II", the media web is a wonderous thing. I've been writing some in my book. It's an odd thing to be doing as I find that mostly I'm just writing whatever flows out of my fingers and not actually getting anything that is really that good. But that's ok, because it's letting me get past my writer's block. I may not have gotten a lot of detail into the story, but there is now a story forming with new aditions to the plot. I still have a few character names I need to figure out but I have the main plot worked out finally. I know how things fit, which is something that wasn't true when I started the thing. I had a vague idea yes, but not an actual definable plot.

Now, instead of a bunch of events that losely lead from a begining to an end, there is a path to get there. I know wy required events happen, which is important so that you can actually get through the story sensibly. I've managed to make notes on a lot of things, and I have gotten huge plans together with the future of the story, I've got about two books minimum plot laid out even. It is GREAT thing. :) I'm excited about it.

Although, I may have this going, I've only managed to do a lot of going nowhere. I'm working on that though, because I'll be able to go back and flesh it out. But it should be nice.

And the quote I'm going to leave you with is this, "Be careful, that's k-9 profiling and I resent it."