June 3rd, 2005


Updates form the desert

So, it's early in the morning like 7:30 Qatari (12:30 Eastern). I miss the east coast a lot. Why? Because it should be midnight right now and dark! Not so bright outside that I feel like my eyeballs explode. But, that's not the point.

So, word count is up over 35,000 words on "To Rule the Shadows". Admittedly, that if it were more fleshed out in sptos it would be over 50,000 but that's for the rewrite/editing process. Also, I managed to get the session based user authentication for Na'Shenassi set up, complete with MySQL based user information storage. My next step is to get a user registration form up and running and the site will be good for a bit. Or at least until I get around to adding the personallities database to the site.

Fun fun, by the way, the desert still sucks. As far as work goes, however, I am working on building a modified version of The Sand Paper for the CSG. It will be roughly based on the existing page, only designed to support all of the features I wanted to add to TSP before I got fired from that code project by a stupid and completely moronic leadership that has nothing but their own advancement in mind. The funny thing is that I'm going to completely steal the focus from TSP by desigh, which will leave their page floundering. I also plan to not put anything into upgrading TSP at all. THey will only have what they are using, and the fact that our new CSG site will incorporate it's own ATO interface when it's done, then perhaps we'll pull their users away and they will cancel. When they cancel customers will bitch because we can't provide all the same services. :) Life is good.

Oh yeah, and to all my friends, thanks a billion.
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