June 12th, 2005


More desert notes.

So it's early, and I'm still sick, but not nearly as sick as I used to be. I'm not feeling like total shit, but close to it. I am still coughing, and I'll say that the sand here does not help one get over bronchial problems at all. I mean, they have a disease named after what the crap can do to you! And not only that it's so bad it's the longest word in our language! Admitteldly, it is usually reserved for coal dust, but it's the same thing really.

I went to work yesterday feeling like hell. We had to be there at 5:30, for a rollcall. Now, a rollcall for us is getting together to watch a movie and eat pizza. Sort of a moral building exercise. The way it went was I got there at 5:30, at 6 we started the rollcall thing. I had to eat my goat cheese pizza and watch the last half of American Pie 2, (because the two people there wouldn't rewind it.) Then I had to be back at my desk at 7. Seven is when I normally show up for work.

Now, Doug normally gets to work at 10. I work 7-4 he works 10-7. So, he had to be in early. Because he had to come in so early they wanted to let him go home early. Now, they let him go after he had been there for only 8.5 hours. So, to let him leave after only 8.5 hours, I had to work 13.5 hours. The logic just escaped me. What made it worse was that beyond my being sick, my relief called in and I ended up working over 15 hours before I got to come home and try to sleep.

It sucked, but then everything here sucks. The only advantage is that I'm going to make a lot of money off of this and put my life back in order. And I'm doing work here that will help me with my resume, by being the best web designer in the military. The websites on our network are sick and trash, and half of them barely work! And the Air Force here has a requirement that all publically viewable sites have to be done in Front page!? I am working on the not public site, and am doing it in PHP with MySQL, which is the only way to do a website here if you want any kind of dynamic content or operational use. I'm so going to get kudos for it too, the leadership is drooling. Definitely good for me.

Anyway, to be fair to them, they let me leave at 10 today. I asked if we had a thermometer, as I wanted to make sure my temperature was under 100 (I felt fairly feverish). The Lt stuck his hand on my forehead and said I felt warm, to go to the clinic and come home. So I got to leave and come lay down, which helped a LOT.

Anyway, just updating things here.
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