June 16th, 2005


(no subject)

So I have sat here most of the day and done practically nothing. I wrote a little, but I haven't done much. Mostly I've wasted this day. It's one of those days you look at and go, "Why on earth did I even bother with this day?"

So that was my day off in the desert. Wasted away in my room, trying to write but not having a desk. Which really does suck. My world here consists of basically a twin bed, a walk to the latrin, and work. That would be it. My day. My week. Next few months. Oh well. Only three more months.

I want a shower that's longer than 3 minutes, I want some good mac and cheese. I want hamburger helper. I want, any of half a dozen other things I can't get here. Oh yeah, like a chair.