June 24th, 2005



So, today I went to Doha city. My simple description is, a city in the desert. It's like any other cityin that it has it's rich areas, and it has it's poor areas. It is kind of like a center of green and oasis that sits on the water, then around that it's typical american big city but without the green, and then around that it's the run down desert city (like any city slums). The only real difference is that no matter where you go, the only violence that you worry about is terrorism. There is a maximum security prison where they enforce crime punishment to the point that violent crime is very low. It's a definite place to go if you are looking for good bargains, except for the mall. City Center Mall is full of americanized things, and it's american prices. They have a gocart track and a skating rink.

It might be nice to visit as an actual tourist, without all the military rules.

Anyway, I'm off to sleep.