July 15th, 2005


Blah days.

So, today I get up and go to work, much like any other day. IT's hotter than hell and over 80% humidity so the shower was quite worthless. I spend my time waiting on the bus swetting like a pig. I didn't sleep well, but that is fairly normal here.

Work starts off with a passdown that takes forever which, again, is normal. I sit down to work and think I'm going to get to make some headway on the website there. The one thing that I can actually do to make this trip semi-worthwhile. That didn't happen. I spent the entire time watching nothing happen. And then, when I got my backup in, the other guy left. So again, no work for me. I sat there till time to leave, being bored and being unable to do anything that makes any kind of sense.

And so I come home looking forward to some time to just sit back and relax and not have to worry about anything. Just a couple hours alone. NO. You guessed it my room mate got off work early so it's back to trying not to move so he can sleep in the bunk below mine.

Less than two months...