October 19th, 2005


More about the future...

Well, here we are on another glorious day. I scheduled my appointment with the commander today, as well as three dental appointments and a doctor's appointment. Right after scheduling the appointment with the commander I called Chief De Nio to inform him, as he was supposed to go with me. He tells me, "That's great, but your eally don't need to anymore, as she's already made a decision."

It would seem that she has decided not to kick me out, so I am now going to become a Spanish linguist again, to which I should also begin to receive flip pay again due to the fact that I just took my DLPT and should get a minimum of 2+/3.

On the subject of the DLPT, I took a new form and I actually think I did better on this one than the last one. I'm very pleased with my overall performance, especially considering that I have not used Spanish since my old days as an ARK in Anarchy Online. When I was paying that game I had a girl that I talked too all the time who was from, and still living in even, Spain. Once she found out that I spoke practically fluent Spanish she never spoke English to me again. That was, all things considered, very good for my language skills. Especially because she would ask me to translate things she didn't understand in English, or to translate Spanish phrases that she was not sure how to express in English.

I digress. Work now has me doing the job of Flight Upgrade Training Manager. They are going to laugh because I'm going to be telling them so much how to do thier job! lol. It's hillarious. I won't bore you too much with the details, but suffice it to say they dont' even know the first thing about the job they stuck me with and I do. It's going to be fun watching them moan and complain.
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