December 22nd, 2005


About DDO

Ok, so there is a game called DDO. For those of you who do not know, that is Dungeons & Dragons Online. I got a chance to participate in the second public stress test last week. It was amazing, let me say. I enjoyed it more than any other online game I have ever played, period. The game is based entirely on the concept of working together as a team as opposed to working against each other in PvP, a rarity in mmorpgs today. I hope that this focus doesn't cause it to lose too many of the "I have to kill other players" types, but I know that it will totally eliminate the griefers. There is also not an xp grind because it is purely D&D. Everything is based on quests, and questing is the only way to get XP. A quest is worth a set amount of xp, and you can do extra side quests and optional goals while on these quests to gain xp bonuses. The more advanced quests will require a well rounded party to get all the little optional goals, and the whole thing is story based. There is a DM that provides comentary about the dungeons and every thing. It's amazing. I will never play another MMORPG.