January 31st, 2006



Here is a screenshot of Scry. Scry is a program that I am working on with my good friend Bruce that will give the user a "BuddyList" of sorts. Unlike the typical chat buddy list, Scry's sole purpose is to provide web cam feeds. Each "Buddy" will be a user running Scry with a web cam connected. Clicking on their name will let you view their webcam feed (That is assuming they are connected.).

The goal of the project is a truly cross platform program, as such, the server protocols are very simple and written entirely in Ruby. For those of you who know ruby, and are interested, the server is a DRB oject that can be initialized in any ruby program, giving direct access to the server as if it were an instantiated object in your program.

The first server library that will be completed is the V4l library. Libraries for WIN32API and MacOSX will follow. Bruce is currently working on the Cocoa GUI and application libraries.

All intentions are to package the program in the applicable install files (.dmg, tar.bz2, .exe).

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