May 19th, 2006


How people change.

So, the week I moved into my new apartment, my downstairs neighbor had a party on Sunday night. Now, much to my shock and surprise, someone in this community of lack luster specimens of humanity actually took a moment to be courteous. Despite the outward appearance of being the last guy turned down for a fifty cent video, the man that greeted me when I opened my door was extremely polite. He asked if the current music level was too loud, and it wasn't. He informed me it was a birthday and he was aware that it was a Sunday night so they were going to be finished early. He even told me that if it got too loud to come and knock on the door and they would quiet down.

The party progressed, and the noise level rose slightly. Not to an annoying level, not at all an un-tollerable thing. Then, precisely at 10:30pm the music stopped and the party was over. I was, to say the least, quite impressed with the first exhibition of common courtesy that had occurred in this complex in over a year. (My previous neighbor was known to be fairly nice after her initial problems of parking in my only assigned space in a lot of spaces that are all assigned to someone. This when she had two of her own.)

Now, today, I just had to call the Richmond County Police Dispatch office because of the noise from the neighbors below me. The same one that so impressed me with his courtesy has been blasting music so loud that I feel it in my teeth. I first went down to knock on the door, but was met with nothing but silence as the music drowned out my knocking. When I informed Tracy, my rather weary landlady, she gave me a letter that she had just typed up and was preparing to affix to everyone's door with the number to the new courtesy officer, who is currently unavailable. She informed me that she was trying to get my downstairs neighbor evicted because of lots of problems, and that she would appreciate it if I would call the police number that was also listed in the letter and make a report.

It is truly a shame.
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