November 29th, 2008


A New Friend

A New Friend
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So, yesterday we did the Christmas gift exchange with my mom. We do this every year now, because she manages to make it down for Thanksgiving, but can't do so for Christmas. Since we want her to open our gifts so we can see her reactions and such, she makes us open the ones from her. This year she got me a violin, because I have said several times I want to learn to play. It is a beautiful color, and when it's not being murdered by my poorly developed skills, it has a descent sound to it. I do still need to pick up a chromographic tuner, so as not to have to rely on arie to tell me if it's sharp or flat (I would love to have perfect pitch, but that's not the case).

I cannot explain just how excited I am about this gift. I never expected that she would buy one for me, and I had planned to purchase an instrument after the holidays. (See my post about deciding on an instrument to play).

Anyway, just wanted to say, I have a violin!