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Learning something new.

So, I must say, that I am a bit of an old style kind of guy when it comes to programming languages. I'm extremely loyal to my C and C++, even if I have still yet to understand Microsoft Foundation Class Libraries (MFCL) which are annoying! So I write code for dos, big deal. Well, I found a new love child in PEARL! I think next pay check I'm going to go purchase my own PEARL programmers book.

Well, that's my good news for the day. hehe.

OH WAIT! WHAT'S THIS! I FORGOT BLOOD OMEN! I just got Blood Omen II. For any of you out there who love to play video games that are based off of story, then here's what you have to do.

Play, in this order. Blood Omen (if anyone has a copy to sell or finds one let me know.); The Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver; The Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver II; and then The Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen II. I doubt that will end the series but hey. I personally need to get a new copy of Soul Reaver and need to find a copy of Blood Omen.

And if anyone can get BLOOD OMEN one for the Play Station, YOU WILL BE MY GOD! (Or goddess as the case may be, the latter is actually preferred. ;) )

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