March 18th, 2012


Trying to not be confused.

So, I am sitting here watching some anime, and it has the usual problems that I run into with anime. Firstly, it is very childish in many ways. It is like watching a show aimed at 17 year olds that act like they want to be six year olds. it is a Japanese thing I know. Still, it can detract. Second, the whole concept that a girls breasts have to be bigger than Barbie's to be attractive. Am I the only man that thinks normal sized breasts are just fine? That they actually look better when they are properly proportioned? I mean seriously, we are talking H cups here! Who in their right mind finds that attractive? And when a character isn't super-sized, they get supersize when she activates her special powers. WTF?

Why don't we make shows with the story lines that they use in anime? American writers could easily make it less annoying, which would make the shows that much better. Then again, maybe I am just not juvenile enough, and not enough of a horn-dog pervert.

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