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OH! It's just entry day crazy today isn't it? Well, it is time for me to present something to you guys that are reading this, and ask if you think it is as stupid as I do.

Today in class we were handed a news article from BBC online. The headline? French Book: Attack On The Pentagon A Farce!" (be warned the linked article is in Arabic, I couldn't find it in English, sorry.) The attack a farce? What? The article goes on to state, "The book 'Terrible Fabrication', which claims that flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon building on September 11th, has jumped to the top of the best sellers list in France.

Now, the article is kind of short but it explains that the author of this book, one Terry Mason, claims that it was not a plane that hit the Pentagon, but rather a truck that ran into it. He claims that the American government is lying about the attack, for political reasons of course. He uses "photographic evidence" to prove his point, with a before and after picture from a camera that caught the explosion. (I think it must have been a surveillance camera but the article didn't specify that I could tell.) Now, my only question to the pictures is this, "What was the frame rate of the pictures?" Most long-term outdoor surveillance is done on a time-laps basis. A plane traveling at 300+ mph would easily be missed.

So what do you think people? Attack on the Pentagon, fact or fiction?

I finally found the English link for the news story for you guys. Apparently Arabic doesn't do good for French names, the author's name was misquoted and is actually Thierry Meyssan.

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