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Names! I need names!

Ok, so I'm putting together stuff for my website and I need names. I need good names for people who live in a medieval fantasy world full of magic. In fact, they are all students at a magic school. (No Harry Potter comments as my ideas are not in any way related.) So, I am asking all of you out there reading this to submit me suggestions on names to finish the seating chart below!

Seating Chart. Just reply with your suggestions, the class should be overbalanced for males, (roughly 13 of the 20 students minimum should be male)

Instructor: Zaen (necromancy)

Sage Revolc (illusion)??? (evocation) ??? (evocation) ??? (evocation) ??? (evocation)
??? (evocation) ??? (evocation) ??? (enchantment) ??? (evocation) ??? (enchantment)
??? (enchantment) ??? (undecided) ??? (evocation) ??? (evocation) ??? (evocation)
??? (evocation) ??? (evocation) ??? (evocation) ??? (evocation) ??? (evocation)

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