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So, there is a lot to say today.

I'll start off with my pizza fiasco. I call in my pizza at 9 right? It goes much like all of my calls to Dominos:

Pizza Guy(PG) - "Hello, can I help you?"

Me - "Yes I would like a delivery please."

PG - "What is your phone number?"

Me - "333 - ####" ((if you are really interested email me and see if you can convince me. ;) ))

PG - "Joel Owens?"

Me - "Yes."

PG - "DLI building 622 room 129?"

Me - "Yes."

Ok, so we have established that they know where the pizza is going, so we think. So at 10:30 I call them up and ask where my pizza is. Now, apparently they have no order for my phone number but they have one under my name for 333-3572 ((call it, find out who it is)) that is going to my old address. Now, how they got that I don't know, especially after my previous conversation. So, I attempt to very politely find out what happened and why no one called me etcetera. Of course this guy just says, in his best Spanish accent, "It ok, we send pizza, no worry." Like a million times. So, eventually I just ask to speak with the manager. The next guy gets on and he is no better. Same thing. I ask him, are you the manager? Of course he isn't the manager isn't there. Well, I am so annoyed after this hour on the phone, because they aren't understanding what I'm asking, that I ask to speak to someone who speaks English. They don't have anyone there except the two Spanish guys. Well, he ends up putting me on hold after I told him no and was trying to get his information so I could know who to complain about when I called the manager. After an hour and a half of being on the phone getting the attempted brush off I decided that was the same as hanging up on me and I let it go.

So, that was fun now wasn't it? On to more interesting things, yesterday I went to San Francisco! We had a class field trip to the Egyptian consulate and a Persian resturaunt. ((I know I'm learning Arabic why do I want a Persian resturaunt. Well, the food was better. :p)) The Egyptian consulate was pretty cool. The vice consul met us and had a mini press conference style meeting with our class. I learned a lot of interesting things about how Egyptians think, and I was very impressed with his skills of diplomacy. He kept his cool through something I wouldn't have been able to do. One of the guys in my class brought his family along. This includes a 2 year old boy and a 6 month old boy. Now, this is not the setting for such small children and they would not shut up! I was very pissed and the consul was livid, though he hid it well. Now, I can understand if you want to bring your wife along but find a sitter, especially when you know a 6 month old is not going to sit through that kind of a meeting.

The trip up there was hilarious because we got on the bus and found out not one person knew where the consulate was. So we drove around San Francisco lost for a good while. Now that was cool cause we got to see a lot of the city and it's a pretty cool place. We finally found the street the consulate was on and the driver and everyone were like "Cheek the addresses and find out which building it is." I scrunched up my eyebrows and turned to Manije, "Uhmn, won't it be the building with the Egyptian flag hanging on the front of it?" To which she replied, "Yeah, and with a little gold plaque." Sure enough, two blocks later we find an otherwise normal house, but with a giant Egyptian flag and a little gold plaque. Gee, you would think it's rocket science or something.

Well, we had fun there, and I understood the very high level political discussion we had that was entirely in Arabic so I can no longer say that I haven't learned anything in this course, I actually feel like the year and a half may be worth it now. :) We moved onto the resturaunt where we had an odd encounter. We walk in and this guy is sitting at a table eating. He's the only one there, and he flipped out when Antoine sat down at one of the tables. He sat there for the first 15 to 20 minutes eating, and making motorcycle sounds at girls as they walked by. It was strange, and Sakkal kept saying that he was "majnoon qalilan", a little crazy. Of course we all had the same response, "A little?!" But it was worth it, the food was amazing. We had these barbecue chicken pieces, grilled meat, salad, rice, and pita bread. The chicken and meet were amazing. Much more flavor than any Arabic dish I've tried and not nearly as toxic as hummus.

Well, that's what I've been up to for the last few days, and now I have three days off for no real reason! It's great!

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